Torkington Primary school follows the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 and 2 but rather than teaching subjects in isolation, we make links between them to form topics. Each half term, the year groups explore a new topic which will be used to link subjects, skills and content together in order to make the learning more relevant for children. The pupils are introduced to these topics through immersion days where they are involved in the planning process. Examples of these topics include ‘Pirates’, ‘Egyptians’ and ‘Victorians’. The curriculum aims to develop the skills across subjects but also the attributes necessary to be confident and successful learners whilst enjoying the love of investigation and exploration.

Learning outside the Classroom

Although school is a great place to learn, we like to offer our pupils other opportunities to learn in an exciting and hands-on way.  To support the development of children’s experiences as well as provide new and different contexts in which to learn, visits are organised in all year groups. These range from very simple visits (local walks, swimming pools, secondary school) through to the more developed excursion (museums, outdoor pursuits, theatres, sporting arenas) all of which are used to ignite children’s fascination and provide experiences that would not be as effective in any other way.


Children love to learn from different and interesting people.  Sometimes there are opportunities for visitors to come to the school and work with children for various reasons. Experts in a range of fields will work with groups and classes of children to support lessons and take assemblies so that children understand that there are many people from whom they can learn. These ‘experts’ may be connected with particular agencies or groups but also could be local people from our own community.