Class Celebration

Autumn 2 Ruthless Romans

What a topic the Ruthless Romans has been! In Year 4 we have learnt about many aspect of Roman life as well as the rise and fall of the Roman empire. We learnt that the Romans invented lots of things we still use today like central heating, roads and some towns are Roman in origin! Our class assembly was centred around our Roman learning and what great fun we had dressing as Romans. To finish our learning we took part in a Roman banquet and made some famous Roman mosaics.








What’s a matter Year 4 ?

In Science Year 4 have been exploring the topic States of Matter. We have investigated how to solid into a liquid and reverse the change using chocolate. Also, we have learnt about the water cycle and how condensation works by using ice cubes.

“I learnt that if you add heat to a solid you can change it state. The change was reversed by cooling down the chocolate again.” Kyden

“The water cycle begins by the rain coming down. The scientific name for rain was precipitation. Next the water evaporates and condenses to form clouds. This is repeated to make a cycle.” Emily