Class News

Autumn 2 - Remembrance Day

This November, year 3 learnt all about Remembrance Day.


“We know that Remembrance Day is to remember and celebrate the people in the war and make sure we remember the sacrifices they gave for us.” – Aurora R


There are lots of different ways to celebrate Remembrance Day and remember the soldiers from the First World War. In Year 3, we remembered by reading poetry about Remembrance Day, making our own poppies and laying poppies outside school for the 2-minute silence.

These ceremonies have grown to remember all people who have died in wars, including World War Two and the Iraq wars, not just World War One.


“The war ended on the 11th November 1918 at 11am. Remembrance Day marks this day.” - Jacob


“We went to the front of the school and planted our poppies to show respect on Remembrance Day. We did this silently and then talked a lot about the war in class with Mr Seager.” – Lois


Spring 1- It’s All Greek to Year 3

Year 3 have had a fantastic half term learning about the Ancient Greeks. We have explored society in ancient Greece and how the ancient Greeks have influenced our lives today. As part of our history work, we produced a fantastic class assembly which showcased our knowledge of ancient Greece! We performed our assembly in a circle, which mimicked a Greek amphitheatre. As a class, we thoroughly enjoyed learning our lines, acting, singing and dancing during our assembly this half term.

 “I think I will remember lots about Ancient Greece because of our assembly!” – Ruby

 “I loved that we were all in Greek costumes and performed in a circle. It felt like we were in ancient Greece.” – Issy

 “I really enjoyed learning all the songs and dances, especially The Olympians.” – Ava