Class News

Autumn 2- Festivals and Celebrations

Another fantastic half term in Reception. We began by exploring different celebrations such as Halloween, weddings and Diwali. We made Halloween potions and spider biscuits, reenacted a wedding ceremony, made salt dough diva lamps and Mrs Shafiq kindly created beautiful henna designs on each of the children’s hands. We have also been really enjoying our science sessions each week. The children have developed their ability to make predictions, ask and discuss questions linked to our weekly explorations. They loved creating foaming potions, exploding coke bottles, lava lamps and Santa’s magic milk. Reception were so well behaved when walking to the postbox to send their amazing letters to Santa, it was such a treat to meet the postman when we arrived and he even let the children put their letters directly into his post sack. Finally, Reception were absolutely amazing in their Christmas performance of ‘Baarmy Bethlehem’. Their singing and acting were out of this world!


Spring 2- Stomp, Stomp, Roar, Roar. Here come the dinosaurs!

It may have only been a short half term, but what fun and learning reception have managed to achieve in this time. They began by exploring different stories by the author Julia Donaldson, they created a cunning plan and map just like the burglars Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh from the story. They also loved going on a sound walk with their very own little ladybird, to discover what the ladybird could hear at school. They then moved on to under the sea adventures with Tiddler, the children produce some fantastic writing about different sea creatures.  The following 2 weeks focused on dinosaurs, they found dinosaur eggs that hatched into small dinosaurs, they erupted volcanoes, and wrote some fantastic stories and facts about dinosaurs. They experienced a great fossils workshop and made dinosaur biscuit.

The final week of the half term was reserved for two celebrations. The first being Chinese New Year, where the children used their senses to describe Chinese food that they had tasted. They then explored Saint Valentine's Day, and how we can love ourselves and others. This half term, it has been wonderful to read lots of different books that the children have brought into school. It is lovely to share they're engagement and enjoyments in reading and follow their interests within our learning school. We can't wait for space fun next half term!