Class News

Autumn 2 - The Bethlehem Bake-off!

KS1 have worked so hard this half term to get ready for their wonderful performance, 'The Bethlehem Bake-off!' It was a fantastic celebration filled with joy and talent. The children put of a delightful performance, showcasing their acting, singing and dancing skills. The festive atmosphere, colourful costumes and catchy songs truly brought the Christmas Spirit to life. It was a wonderful event that left everyone feeling uplifted and ready to celebrate the holiday season.


Spring 1 - Victorians in Year 2! 

Year 2 gave a wonderful performance in their Class Assembly about the Victorians this half term! The children showcased their knowledge of the era through engaging storytelling, impressive singing and enthusiastic acting. It was evident that the children put a lot of effort into their roles, as they portrayed characters from different social classes. They enjoyed practising the songs, and were able to talk about what they remembered from our History topic as we prepared for the assembly. Well done Year 2!