Class Celebration


Year 6 DT – Global Food

Year 6 have been learning about Global Food.  It has given them the chance to discover the exciting and diverse choice of food available around the world. Initially, we learnt where in the world a variety of ingredients flourish. We then built on our understanding of the eatwell plate, placing different ingredients into the correct food groups. This enabled us to develop a deeper understanding that although food can be extremely varied, it still comes under the same basic food groups.

In DT we used cooking techniques to make rice, salsa and quesadillas from Asia and Mexico. I particularly enjoyed making the quesadillas because it was really fun to do the prep and it tasted delicious. We cooked these particular foods as they are a big traditional food in their home country. We used basic to advanced skills so we can use them in later life. Everyone has a chance to take part in these activities- Ruby and Ella.



Year 6 Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day provides an opportunity to try and bring communities together to remember our common humanity and to commit to standing up to bigotry, hatred and racism wherever we find it today. Year 6 have been reading After The War and attended a virtual workshop with Tom Palmer and Holocaust survivor, Mala Tribich to learn about important moments in our shared history and to hear stories from people with different experiences.

“I have enjoyed learning about the Holocaust and reading the book which was great for helping us learn about this awful time in history. We were very lucky to meet a real-life Holocaust survivor. She talked about how she felt when she found her only living family member and when hopes of freedom fell to rock bottom at the start of the war. She told us about her amazing but hard life, it was truly a privilege to meet her.” Lily H and Edward C, Year 6.